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Cameron: Sure. Yeah. So the concept of the Vivid Vision is something that I learned about 20 years ago from an olympic coach. He goes on to suggest that this may be confined to a layer formed by surface bombardment with sulfur atoms emitted by volcanoes on Io. Tom McCord of the Planetary Science Institute […]

He finished the season as one of the top scorers in the league

(Glenn Reid/CBC)The all star defensive end said there’s nowhere else he wants to be.”I believe they are building something special here and I want to be a part of it,” said George.Of the new signings, vice president of player personnel John Murphy said, “It wasn’t the highest amount of money they could have made they […]

While the packaging and marketing information speaks very

Incredible how naive you are. If communist says “we are good” it does not mean that they are good. In reality they are as bad or worse than nazis. FracFocus is run by the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission and the Groundwater Protection Council, both based in Oklahoma City. The IOGCC is a multi […]

Remind your slave that they are your most prized possession

The chains are very cold at first and bulky. Slightly heavy feeling but nothing that will weigh you down. The clamps are adjustable and have a rubber tip on the end, so the metal doesn’t cut into the skin. A good number of people older than that aren’t even ready. It is vitally important for […]

I personally wear patterned loafers (cheetah print

The small boy with the dark hair and squeezable cheeks was the cutest thing in the bar. Cuter than a queen sparkly skirt and sky high heels. Cuter than the young men flirting and playing footsies under the table. The Atlantean Empire called that island home. Its people ruled over colonies in the Mediterranean, up […]